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Bruce Owens

Bruce Owens

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Acting Chair of Anthropology Dept.
Co-Coordinator, Wheaton/Royal Thimphu College Partnership Program

Ph.D., M. Phil., M.A., Columbia University
B.A., McGill University

Research Interests

Politics of ritual, sacrifice, religion and the state; hermeneutic contestation; social and cultural theory; transformations of sacred spaces; monumentality, identity, and material culture; Nepal, Himalaya, South Asia

Teaching Interests

Anthropology of Art, South Asia, Theory in Anthropology, Religion, Psychological Anthropology, Festivals, Human Evolution, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of the Himalaya


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Student Projects

I have been collaborating with students (Maura Mae Deedy ('03)Christopher O'Keeffe ('05), Tenzing Norzom ('05), Delilah Griswold ('08) and Nurit Applbaum ('14)) in creating a digital archive and web-site on the recent transformations of one of Nepal's most significant Buddhist sites, Swayambhu. I have also collaborated with Kerry Teamey ('04) on the sacred sites project and long term research that I have been conducting on religious festivity in the Kathmandu Valley.

During the summer of 2006, I accompanied a group of students and Prof. Jeffrey Timm of the Religion Department on a study tour of Bhutan as part of his Engaged Buddhism Course, and in the Fall of 2009 I went with Prof. Bianca Cody-Murphy to Bhutan to help set up the Wheaton/Royal Thimphu College Partnership, and remain, with her, a co-coordinator of the program .

I was Resident Director of the Wheaton/Royal Thimphu College Partnership Program at Royal Thimphu College for Bhutan IV during the Spring semester of 2013.