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Literature, Film, and Culture

Our students read, watch films and plays, and talk about what they love and what they hate.  They are both consumers of their culture and critics of it.  They learn to think and to write about literature, film and culture in ways that prepare them for a lifetime of thinking, learning, and doing.  And they’re not only critics of culture, they also contribute to and participate in the production of it, in print and online, as writers of all sorts — playwrights and poets, fiction writers and essayists, journalists and bloggers.

Wheaton English department courses build on these passions, inviting our students to think systematically about why we read and how we read what we read.

What do students do in literature and film courses?

Read a broad range of literary, filmic, and theoretical texts, and develop the critical tools and vocabulary necessary to analyze them.

Children's Literature
18th-Century Literature & Culture
Approaches to Literature & Culture Film Studies New Media Studies



Learn to ask and answer "big" questions


Study the production and reception of literature and film in different cultural and historical contexts.

Develop high level research and information fluency skills.

Make connections with courses in the creative arts, social sciences, history, natural sciences, and mathematics and computing.


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