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Storm preparations complete

Posted on February 8, 2013

The college has prepared for the winter storm now bearing down on southern New England. Extra resources, including extra snow cleaning crews and an additional emergency generator, have been positioned on campus, if they are needed.

Essential services will continue with some adjustments for the storm (see list at right). Classes for Friday have been cancelled and all organized activities have been cancelled until Sunday at noon. Parking restrictions remain in place.


While the snowfall is light at present, the storm is expected to intensify as the afternoon wears on and to reach its peak during the evening.

Students should plan to remain indoors as much as possible and should not venture out after sunset on Friday, when the storm is expected to intensify. During the height of the storm, high winds and near white-out conditions from heavy snowfall are predicted. We urge you to exercise caution to avoid falling debris, slippery pathways and other unsafe conditions.Also, students should make sure that all windows and exterior doors in dorms are kept closed.


The college may need to evacuate residence halls for your safety. You will be notified by residence hall staff and/or the alert system, should it be necessary. Do not move until notified.

As a precaution, students should gather the following items today:

  • a flashlight and jacket.
  • a small bag with any necessary toiletries and medication.
  • cell phones and other small electronic devices. 
  • a pillow and/or blanket.
  • a change of clothes (dry socks, shirt, etc.)
  • a water bottle

Students also should plan to keep cell phones and other mobile devices charged. If the campus loses power, the college would use the emergency notification system to communicate via text and voicemail message as well as through the residential life staff and its online channels.


Public safety officials and other staff members will be in regular contact with Norton emergency officials as well as with the National Weather Service for updates. And we will keep the campus updated and informed as details unfold. Check Wheaton’s homepage to get the most up to date information.


We encourage all students, faculty and staff to remain attentive to our website for updates. We want everyone to be safe.

If there are any problems or safety issues, please contact Public Safety at 508-286-8213 or 508-285-5051.

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