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Psychology 298. Experimental Courses

Lifespan Development

Surveys developmental theory and research across the lifespan, exploring the interaction of heredity and environment and its influence from conception to death in numerous psychological domains. Emphasized is the impact of socio-cultural contexts (e.g., culture, gender, socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity) on biological/physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Particular focus is placed on gaining better conceptual understanding of healthy development and practical understanding of how children, adolescents, and adults address the developmental challenges they face across the life span.


Child Psychopathology

A survey of behavioral disorders of childhood in both clinical and educational settings, with a review of various perspectives on etiology and treatment. Emphasis on evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment.


The Psychology of Consciousness

One of the most fundamental questions human beings face is this: Why are we conscious? How do our minds come to have a subjective awareness of the world? The sense of awareness of the world is a deeply familiar feeling, yet satisfying explanations of why we are conscious and what consciousness is for remain elusive. This course explores the question from a variety of viewpoints, including the philosophical, cognitive, and neuroscientific, introducing a number of perspectives and key ideas from the interdisciplinary field of consciousness studies, with a particular focus on empirical investigation.