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Business and Management 298. Experimental Courses

Business Analytics using Excel

Businesses are amassing vast amounts of data regarding their organizations. The challenge becomes how do these organizations interpret that data to make it meaningful to support future decision-making. This course is an introduction to the concept of business analytics. Students will learn to apply basic business analytics principles to data and through the usage of Excel create meaningful results to support business decisions. Data warehouses and data marts will be discussed. In addition management tools such as key performance indicators, business scorecards and dashboards to represent management performance will be addressed. Excel will be utilized to analyze data, create forecasts, design visualizations of the data, and report on findings.

Prerequisites: MGMT 111 – Fundamentals of Business

Requirements: 1) notebook computer access, (2) Excel access


Applied Health Science

Applied health science, including biopharma, creates products that improve health and save lives and thereby creates a uniquely sharp tension between “doing good” and “making money.” MGMT 298 will take an interdisciplinary approach to see how both ends of this spectrum can be maintained: promoting human health and social justice globally while still offering incentives that balance the spectacular risks inherent in health product development. Topics to be covered include intangible property, patents, funding sources, and case studies on life science products. The course will include broadly interdisciplinary student teamwork and culminate in creation of a business plan for developing a life science product of the team’s choosing.