Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


English 298. Experimental Courses

Spring 2015

Advanced Writing: Digital Controversies

In an electronic era, message and medium alike spark debate. Brownsville Brooklyn police used Omnipresence, a video surveillance technology, leading one journalist to ask, “Sound policing, or stop and frisk by another name?” When Europe’s top court ruled that Google could be compelled to erase news articles about individuals, scholars wondered, “Should people have the right to be forgotten?” This course explores the different ways that writers discover, frame and deliberate digital controversies. Students will read and write about these controversies, honing their writing skills by composing and revising print essays, blogs, and electronic portfolios in our workshop-centered course.

Prerequisite: English 101 or AP English credit.


Summer 2014

Intermediate Writing: On Not Picking a Side: Addressing Ambivalence and Doubt

This course will focus on responding to issues for which there are no clear-cut answers in order to allow uncertainty and even digression to become a substantial part of the development of an academic essay. In other words, students will be encouraged to take intellectual risks during the drafting process. Prerequisite: English 101. Open to all majors. Requirements: Daily writing, selected readings (Lopate, Woolf, Didion, McPhee and more), two short essays, and a final longer paper that will include research. The course structure will include discussion, peer review and a full class workshop.