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English 101 Section A18. Writing About Writing

In ENG101, we will explore writing as a process. This course is designed to not only give you fundamental tools for writing in an academic setting, but also to examine the idea of writing as a process from the seed of an idea all the way through an extensive revision. To this end, as a class, we will be working together to gain a deeper understanding of written work and the methods used to take a work from merely an idea to a piece of polished writing.
Throughout this course, you will become aware of the ways in which you write and pay increased attention to how you are using structure, language, and style to convey your ideas. We will consider all aspects of texts and the way in which they combine as a whole.

Throughout the semester we will write extensively. The only way to improve as a writer is to do just that – write! So in this course you will be asked not only to hand in formal papers, but also practice your writing through in-class exercises, work in a class blog, writing in peer reviews, and more. By delving into the writing process and being entirely immersed in it, you will greatly strengthen your technical skills as a writer, and more importantly become a confident, interested writer with something to say and the means to say it.