Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Education 391. Secondary School Curriculum

This fall semester course prepares students to undertake a student-teaching practicum EDUC 496 during the spring semester. In particular, students learn how to demonstrate their understanding of curriculum planning and instruction at the “practice” level for the first two components of the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers (PSTs): Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment (1) and Teaching All Students (2). Students will also demonstrate their “introductory” level of understanding for several elements of the third and fourth PSTs: Family and Community Engagement (3) and Professional Culture (4). The PSTs are described in detail in the Guidelines for the Professional Standards for Teachers.

By reading, discussing, observing, planning, and practicing, students select research-based pedagogical strategies and begin to develop their own instructional habits. The course includes a 35-hour pre-practicum in which students start to practice these strategies in a local public school classroom.