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Connections 20020. The Art of the Print

Students completing this connection will learn to understand printmaking from the perspectives of artist, connoisseur, collector, conservator and art historian. They will discover that the material taught in ARTH 270 makes richer sense when they have experimented with printmaking and begun to develop their own personal imagery in ARTS 315.

ARTH 270 focuses on the history of prints, particularly the Old Masters, who were among the greatest printmakers of all time. Students in this class work directly with the prints in the Wheaton College Collection, learning how to handle and care for them and to identify media. They also learn about the history of prints from the early 15th century to the early 19th century. Becoming print collectors and organizing an exhibition drawn from the Wheaton collection are also requirements of the course. Because there is a great deal of emphasis on the object and on the techniques of the Old Masters in the art history class, becoming a printmaker in ARTS 315 will give students a wonderful opportunity to create prints and truly understand the intricacies of this medium.

ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
and ARTS 315 Intaglio Printmaking