Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Studio Art 298. Experimental Courses

Digital Editing

An advanced study of film and video editing from both technical and aesthetic perspectives. Students will utilize Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, and Photoshop to engage in four editing projects; Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Remix. Students will examine how a story/idea is most effectively assembled and enhanced through the editing process. We discuss concepts such as sound/picture relationship, juxtaposition of images, shot duration, pacing and rhythm as well as basic overall narrative strategies. We also learn the practical concepts of coverage, match cuts, continuity, and technical aspects of digital editing.


Experimental Filmmaking

An intensive hands-on film/video class that is focused on the production of experimental films. Students will produce three short experimental films, utilizing a variety of shooting media and sound design tools. Furthermore, students will debate the definition of “experimental film” as we explore works by early practitioners such as Maya Deren, Josephy Cornell, Stan Brakhage, and Kenneth Anger and contemporary artists including David Lynch, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Reynold Reynolds.