Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Art and Art History 398. Experimental Courses

Spring 2015

Cinema and the City

From its beginning, cinema has been fascinated with the city as a site of social cohesion, capital flows and intense ideological conflicts. From Hollywood to Bollywood to Nollywood, from German expressionism to Italian neo-realism and the French New Wave, virtually all major film movements have a special relationship to the metropole. In this course, we will adopt an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between film production and consumption, urban space, architecture and cultural geography. Required weekly film viewing.


Fall 2014

The Art of Collecting

From the cabinets of curiosities known as Wunderkammern to Renaissance studioli to contemporary museums, the human compulsion to collect has shaped traditions of knowledge and possession for centuries. An inherent aspect of the activity of collecting objects and memories is the relationship formed between the objects, the collector, and his/her chosen or accidental audience. This course explores the history of collecting, its ideologies and theoretical groundings by focusing on case studies that illustrate various moments at which practices of collection and exhibition have coalesced into coherent or chaotic visual displays of our world and the wonders within it.

Critical readings of texts, original research, and engaged participation will be emphasized throughout the course.