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Kathryn Amarante Sollmann '80

Posted on September 23, 2011

Kathryn Sollmann is the founder of 9 Lives for Women, a career coaching and event management consultancy and multi-channel blog site, http://9livesforwomen.com/, focused on nine distinct stages of life and work.

An inspirational speaker and experienced media resource on women's work issues, Kathryn has been interviewed for The Today Show, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Money magazine and many other national publications.  She leads workshops that help employers attract, retain & on/off ramp women, create alumni networks, enhance internal networking groups and support women's leadership programs.  9 Lives also gives marketers insights to how and why women work, how they invest and spend money they earn, and how they assess products and services in predictable work/life stages.

Since 2002 Kathryn has given current and returning professional women the confidence to make significant career and life changes.  9 Lives delves deeper than the black and white of  "working" or "not working".  From the college years to the retirement years Kathryn knows that women not only actively work as employees and volunteers, they also experience many “one foot out, one foot in” stages when they think about leaving work, consider a workforce hiatus, plan for or struggle with the idea of returning, think about fast-track alternatives and strive toward a productive and secure retirement.

The 9 Lives for Women mission is to keep women working in some way at every age and stage for long-term financial security and the ability to weather all of life’s “you never knows”.

Kathryn offers coaching services at a discounted rate for Wheaton alumni.



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