As an incoming student, we encourage you to connect to the Wheaton community early. There are many resources available to you, be sure to reach out and ask questions!

General Resources

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Athletics and Recreation

The Department of Athletics and Recreation strives to promote the holistic development of students through their participation in intercollegiate athletics, club sports and recreation activities while enhancing the vibrancy of campus life through its programs and facilities.
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Wheaton Campus Bookstore

At the Wheaton Campus Bookstore, we supply the textbooks and supplies to the students for their courses. We also have all the merchandise and swag that students and their families need for their Wheaton experience.

Campus Life

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Residential Life

Wheaton, as part of our identity as a residential college, believes essential learning takes place beyond the classroom. The Office of Residential Life provides students with a transformative experience in an inclusive and accessible environment that fosters personal development. In collaboration with campus and community partners, we embrace personal challenges and support students in becoming self-aware and socially responsible leaders. We endeavor to provide and sustain a healthy, inclusive living environment that fosters and encourages co-curricular learning, community ownership, civility, and respect.

Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL)

The Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (SAIL) works with student clubs and student leaders to make Wheaton a fun and vibrant place to live.  Doing something. . . attending an event, joining a club, and eventually becoming a leader. . . are all important parts of your Wheaton experience and we can help you start today.


Counseling Center

The mission of the Counseling Center is to decrease emotional, psychological or behavioral barriers in order to support the intellectual growth and academic success of students. We strive to promote a safe and healthy environment for students by providing developmentally-appropriate, culturally sensitive assessment, diagnosis, recommendations and treatment to full-time students free of charge.

508-286-3905 Phone
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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is here to support all students in navigating their experiences on campus. Our staff is responsible for managing student outreach and support initiatives as well as upholding the Honor Code and Student Conduct Procedures. Additionally, the Dean of Students Office is a central hub for you to be able to connect with other resources across the campus.

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Wheaton Dining Services

We provide all dining services on campus for meal plan, retail and catered events. Our staff becomes your extended family helping to meet your dietary needs and pleasures. A smiling face checking on you daily as you enjoy a homemade meal. We are here for you so just let us know if we can help you in any way.

Filene Center

Academic Advising

Academic Advising at Wheaton College promotes a college experience that empowers students to engage in self-awareness and exploration through active listening, reframing, encouraging and validating. Academic Advising provides the impetus for students to realize their potential. In partnership with faculty advisors, academic advising recognizes students’ ability by building relationships, connecting them to resources, and fostering their investment in the global community.

Academic advising at the college is a shared responsibility between student and advisor, whether with a student success advisor or faculty advisor. Student success advisors can help students by program with general advising or specific major questions.
Advisors assist students as they:

  • explore learning inside and outside the classroom
  • reflect upon their goals and academic choices
  • plan their academic program(s)
  • monitor their progress toward completion of all degree requirements

Student Success Advisors in Academic Advising can recommend courses and fields of study appropriate to the individual student’s interests and abilities.

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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services supports the greater Wheaton College community as well as individual students with documented disabilities. We seek to educate the Wheaton community on the rights and needs of people with disabilities and provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations and support services to students in a welcoming, safe and accessible environment.

508-286-8215 Voice
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508-286-5621 Fax

Career Services

Our team in Career Services will share the personalized career advice, resources, and information that you need to explore career paths, connect your academic and career goals, and achieve those goals. We can help you make the most of your college experience beginning on day one by helping you explore experiential learning opportunities on and off campus that will prepare you for the ideal post-Wheaton opportunities for you.

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Center for Global Education

Global Education serves as the home for Wheaton’s 100-plus semester, yearlong, and short-term study abroad programs, encompassing an amazing array of locations and subjects. The Center is also designed to help international students acclimate into the broader campus community. We are here to help create events that will promote social, cultural, educational, religious or community understanding to help break down barriers regarding a country or culture and foster a sense of global awareness.

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Health Services

Norton Medical Center (NMC), Wheaton’s designated student health center for Health Services, is a private neighborhood facility located on-campus and owned and operated by Sturdy Memorial Associates. Students can call NMC to schedule an appointment to be seen by a provider, and although this is not a walk-in service, same day appointments are generally available.
Norton Medical Center Main Desk: 508-286-5400 or 508-286-5401
Cynthia Maricle, Associate Director, Student Health Services
508-286-5409 Fax

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) is part of the Information Technology Services group at Wheaton College. ITSS is responsible for all desktop computing on campus. This includes computer systems, peripheral and some software. ITSS is here to help you with any questions you may have about computing and technology at Wheaton College.

Madeleine Clark Wallace Library (Wallace Library)

Wallace Library connects the Wheaton community to a world of ideas and information, creating an environment for self-exploration and boundless learning. Through print and online resources, in-class and one-on-one research support, and a plethora of study spaces, Wallace Library offers the Wheaton College community a fabulous library and teaching/learning facility in the heart of campus with talented staff who delight in partnering with students, faculty and staff on academic and intellectual activities.

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Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning

The Marshall Center is one of the Academic Centers on campus. We provide programs and services to support students of color and also the larger community at Wheaton in learning and engaging around diversity. We provide academic cultural and social engagement opportunities for students.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Department patrols campus and responds to emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide a safe living, learning and working environment for the Wheaton College community. We provide service for all matters related to parking, lost and found, identification/ access cards and issues concerning the general safety and security of the Wheaton College campus. Public Safety officers receive extensive training in law, crisis management, crime prevention, investigative procedures, fire safety and other security issues and have the same power to make arrests as municipal police officers for any criminal offense committed in or upon lands or structures owned, used or occupied by Wheaton College.

508-286-3333 Emergency – off campus or cell phone
508-286-8213 Business
508-286-5700 Anonymous Tip Line

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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for managing student records and related systems. We can assist you with academic transcripts, degree and enrollment verifications, course schedule and course registration, monitoring the completion of degree requirements, and the facilitation of transfer course reviews.

The Center for Social Justice and Community Impact

The Center of Social Justice & Community Impact and the Center for Religious & Spiritual Life are located in the basement of the Cole Memorial Chapel (The Base) on Wheaton College’s campus. Together, the Centers collaborate with campus and community partners to leverage our resources to foster equity, service and solidarity at Wheaton, in Bristol County, and in the global community.
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Student Financial Services (SFS)

Student Financial Services is the central resource for all things related to college finances. Our office consists of student accounts & billing, student employment, financial aid, loan certification, and outside grant/scholarship processing.

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