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Are students required to have a PHYSICAL EXAM every year?

No. A physical exam is only required for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students. All varsity athletes (returning and new) are required to have a physical exam dated within 6 months prior to the first day of practice. Physical exam forms and other required health forms may be downloaded from the New Student Health Forms page.

What IMMUNIZATIONS are REQUIRED for admission to Wheaton?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that all students attending a post-secondary institution must present documentation of the following immunizations:

  • Tdap (Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis) – 1 dose within the last 10 years
  • Primary DTP series
  • Hepatitis B – 3 dose series or positive titer proving immunity
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) – 2 doses or positive titer proving immunity
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) – 2 doses or positive titer proving immunity or physician confirmation of history of disease
  • Meningococcal (Meningitis) – optional but strongly recommended.  If vaccinated with Menomune (MPSV4) more than 5 years ago, a second dose of Menactra/Menveo (Men ACWY) is required at age 16 or older. For those who received Menactra/Menveo (MCV), at least one dose is required to be administered at age 16 or older.

The vaccine administration record and other required health forms may be downloaded from the New Student Health Forms page.

What should I do if my son/daughter has not been vaccinated because IMMUNIZATIONS are medically CONTRAINDICATED or immunizations are contraindicated based on our religious beliefs?

Please complete either a Medical/Religious Exemption form available online.

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Are MEDICAL INFORMATION RELEASE FORMS available for my daughter/son to sign which would allow me to access his/her medical records at Norton Medical Center/student health center?

Yes. Your student may print and sign an Authorization to Release Health Information Form (pdf).  Please return the form by email (health_services@wheatoncollege.edu) or fax (508-286-8264) to Valerie Tobia, Director of Counseling and Health Services. Please note: This release is only in effect for medical information generated from visits to Norton Medical Center, the on-campus health center. Remember, if your son or daughter is over age 18, privacy laws prevent Norton Medical Center health care providers from sharing medical information with you unless your son/daughter has signed a release.

Where is NORTON MEDICAL CENTER, the student health center, located and how does my son/daughter go about seeing a health care provider?

Norton Medical Center (NMC), located at 14 Taunton Ave, is Wheaton’s designated on-campus health center and provides routine medical care to all Wheaton students regardless of health insurance plan. NMC is not a walk-in clinic; students must call 508-286-5400 to schedule a same day appointment. Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. All Wheaton students, regardless of their health insurance plan (Wheaton’s or personal), are seen free of charge at NMC; there is no cost and no co-pay for an office visit. Any associated lab work, procedures, treatments, and/or prescriptions will be billed to your son/daughter’s health insurance and your daughter/son will be responsible for any deductibles or co-pays incurred.

If my son/daughter is unable to be seen at NMC, are there OTHER HEALTH CLINICS nearby?

Yes, there are several walk-in health clinics nearby:

CVS Minute Clinic
West Main Street
Norton, MA
Bring insurance card, picture ID, and copayment. Currently not providers for MA Blue Cross Blue Shield; call to confirm accepted insurance plans.

Mansfield Walk-in Health Center
200 Copeland Drive
Mansfield, Ma
Bring picture ID, insurance card, co-payment, and, if you belong to an HMO, a referral.

Armistice Urgent Care
209 Armistice Blvd.
Pawtucket, RI
Physical exams available. Bring insurance card, picture ID, and copayment.

Compass Medical Urgent Care
21 Bristol Drive
Easton, MA
Bring insurance card, picture ID, and copayment.

Tristan Medical – Urgent Care/Occupational Health
184 W Main Street
Norton, MA
Bring insurance card, picture ID, and copayment.

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What if my daughter/son needs health care when NMC is CLOSED or needs emergency care?

If your son/daughter becomes ill after NMC has closed for the day, he/she may call 508-286-5400, leave a message with the answering service, and the doctor-on-call will promptly return the call to recommend the best next step. For emergency situations any time of day, students should contact Wheaton Campus Safety at 508-286-3333 or dial 911.

Is there an INFIRMARY on campus?

No, there is no traditional overnight infirmary.

What if my son/daughter needs TRANSPORTATION to an off-campus medical appointment
What if my daughter/son’s primary care physician would like to order BLOOD WORK?

Walk-in laboratory facilities are available at Norton Medical Center Monday through Friday from 8 – 11:30 AM. Before your son/daughter arrives to have blood work drawn, please fax the physician’s orders and documentation to Norton Medical Center at 508-285-3388.

Are ALLERGY SHOTS available at the health center on campus?

No, Norton Medical Center does not administer allergy shots but the following allergists are located nearby:

  1. Allergy & Asthma Specialists
    550 N Main Street
    Attleboro, MA
  2. Donald Accetta, MD
    101 Industrial Park Road, Suite 307
    Taunton, MA
  3. AAP Asthma & Allergy Physicians
    35 Summer Street
    Taunton, MA

Contact each office to confirm whether serum from your daughter/son’s present/previous allergist is acceptable. Check with your insurance company regarding coverage for specialists and whether there are any charges or deductibles which are not covered by your health plan. At the time of each office visit, your son/daughter will be asked for insurance information and a co-payment. She/he will also be required to remain in the allergist’s office for 30 minutes after receiving your allergy injection.

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My daughter/son is covered under my personal HEALTH INSURANCE plan. Do I need to enroll in the health insurance plan offered by Wheaton?

Massachusetts law requires that your son/daughter’s health insurance be equivalent to or better than the state’s minimum standards. If your daughter/son currently has coverage, it is his/her responsibility to determine that it meets or exceeds the coverage available through the health insurance plan available through Wheaton. Please refer to this Student Health Services webpage for more information regarding waiving or enrolling in the plans offered by Wheaton and important information regarding the Accident  & Sickness insurance plan (major medical) or the Accident Only insurance plan (secondary plan specially designed for varsity athletes).

Whom should I contact with QUESTIONS regarding Norton Medical Center, health insurance, available health care options, or for copies of immunization/provider records?

Valerie Tobia, Director of Counseling and Health Services, at health_services@wheatoncollege.edu. She is available to answer specific questions regarding NMC, as well as concerns you may have regarding your health insurance coverage, on- and off-campus options for health care, and other health-related issues.

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