If YOU are having an urgent psychological crisis during regular office hours, please come directly to the Counseling Center during our regular business hours.  After our regular business hours, please contact Public Safety at ext. 3333 (from a campus phone) or 508-286-3333 (from a cell phone/off-campus) and ask to be connected to the Area Coordinator on-call.  Off campus?  Call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room (Sturdy Memorial Hospital is the nearest hospital to campus)

If you are a FRIEND, PARENT, FACULTY OR STAFF, RA/PRECEPTOR, etc and have some concerns about a current Wheaton student, please call us during our regular business hours and ask to speak with the Counselor-on-Duty.  The Counselor-on-Duty will listen to your concerns and advise you accordingly. Because state law and ethical practice requires us to keep students’ identity private, please remember that we may not be able to confirm or deny knowledge of the student in question.  However, please be assured that we will take your concerns very seriously and take some form of action.  Upon your report to us, we may take a number of courses of action, including reaching out directly to the student if they are known to us; and/or advising you to contact another office on campus (such as the Dean of Students Office, Residential LifeAcademic Advising, and/or Public Safety).