Each person, no matter who they are, has gifts—something to offer the world. But those gifts only have value if they are shared to strengthen us all as a community—not just here at Wheaton but in a worldwide sense.

During his inauguration on Friday, October 17, 2014, President Dennis M. Hanno emphasized the need for sharing this talent and knowledge by calling the entire 20,000-plus-strong Wheaton community (students, faculty, staff, alums) to action. He encouraged all to commit to spending at least 15 hours during the next year involved in service that “changes lives and strengthens communities,” which was the theme for his inauguration.

“Overall it is about caring, seeing what is needed in the world and how you can help fulfill those needs, being a partner with others,” said Hanno. “It’s not just about ‘giving’ time, but about ‘sharing’ one’s self and knowledge.” There are plenty of examples in which Wheaton College students, faculty, staff and alums have done this. And, Hanno is encouraging more in the year ahead and far beyond.

Get Involved

You can change lives and strengthening communities.