Special Interest Housing are residential areas that have unique community standards apart from our traditional halls.  To live in one of these areas students simply must commit and/or qualify to those community standards.  (That would be a key difference between our Theme Houses or Beard Hall, in which students must apply to live there.) Traditionally Wheaton has offered Female Only Housing, Quiet Study Housing, and Wellness Housing based on student demand for those areas.  Each year exactly what is offered (and what halls/floors are identified as any “Special Interest”) can change based on the levels of student requests. If you have an idea for a Special Interest Housing, please e-mail us.

2017-18 Special Interest Areas

  • Female Only Housing – Only those who identify as female are allowed to reside in an area designated as “Female Only.”  Kilham, the second floor of Young, the fourth floor of Meadows East, and the first and fourth floors in Meadows West will be all women.
  • Quiet Study Housing – All residents agree to abide by a 24-hour study environment which includes extended quiet and courtesy hours.  Residents who select to live in this area will be asked to sign a Community Contract when they sign into a room.  White House has been designated as Quiet Study.  Based on the lack demand and other factors in recent years, Quiet Study housing is not available for first year students.  First year students interested in a quieter environment may want to consider both Single Sex or Wellness housing.  White there are not specific community standards associated with noise, both communities have traditionally been quieter areas.
  • Wellness Housing – Students living in “Wellness” housing commit to abstain from the use of e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Once you select a room in a designated Wellness area, you will be required to sign a contract confirming that commitment.  Residents who select to live in this area will be asked to sign a Community Contract when they sign into a room.  Our Wellness areas are Larcom and Young.

Lottery Process

Wellness housing is a part of the general lottery this year.  In years past a special application was needed to participate in a lottery for these spaces.  That is no longer required as students will be able to pick special interest spaces on their own in this year’s on-line room selection process.