Students Abroad in the Fall Semester

We will assign you to housing based on space available.  Know that the demand for popular housing (in particular single rooms) often exceeds what we have available.

  • The Office of Residential Life will contact you during the fall semester to request your housing preferences.
  • Preferences will be normally due in by mid December and assignments will be given in January.
  • Please know that all assignments are made by lottery number within each class and we do the best possible to take your preferences into account.

Students Abroad in the Spring Semester

Now that room selection happens online (with the exception of Gebbie and Keefe selection) students abroad are able to follow the same process that our students in Norton follow.

  • One thing to keep in mind however is that the lottery time you will be given is in EST, not the time zone that you are located in.  Please plan accordingly when logging in and picking your room for next year.
  • Please Note:  You must ensure that your account is free from any holds.  You (or your proxy) will not be able to assign you to a room if you have a hold on your account.