Yes, you are allowed to paint your residence hall room at Wheaton. We’ll provide all the paint and supplies that you pick up at the Paint Shop in Physical Plant. You just have to agree to follow the policies below… most notably agree to re-paint your room back.

Please read the policies carefully and complete the Room Painting Request Form on this page.  Please direct any questions to Erin MacKenzie (508-286-3880) in the Physical Plant.

Painting Policies

  • All painted areas must be returned to the original “California Paint – Quill White, Eggshell Finish” prior to the end of the academic year or when the student vacates the room.  Students will be charged a repainting fee of $100 per wall if the area is NOT painted back. Repainting must be completed by the time you move out of your room or on the last day of Final Exams. **It is your responsibility to ensure you will have time to repaint before you leave.
  • Only walls can be painted.
  • Drop cloths and masking tape should be used to cover floors, radiators, electrical fixtures, etc.  Walls should be properly cleaned before painting.
  • Under NO circumstances are sprinkler heads to be painted. Under NO circumstances may black paint be used.
  • No paint materials should be disposed of in toilets. Brushes, rollers and trays must be cleaned and returned to the Paint Department.
  • Painting should be performed only with adequate ventilation of room. Corridor doors should be closed to limit paint odors.
  • Wall papering or application of paper borders is NOT permitted.
  • Damages to carpets, floors, plumbing fixtures, etc. will result in students being charged for the cleaning and/or repair cost.
  • For Students that have complied with the Wheaton College Paint Policy, at the end of the school year Physical Plant will make available, supplies for repainting. Contact Erin MacKenzie at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure paint and supplies will be available.
  • If you did not follow this outlined procedure, you will not be eligible to received paint for free from Physical Plant to repaint.
  • If you request paint after the deadline, you will be charged a fee of $100.

Color Choices & Fees

Students may choose from this list of approved color choices.  There is no fee for the paint or the supplies, but a $25 charge will be billed if painting equipment is not returned in good condition.

Supplies to re-paint at the end of the year are provided at no cost to anyone who has painted their room under the following procedure.

Room Painting Request Form

Note: To access this Google Form, you’ll need to provide your Wheaton wID and email password.