Moving In

Residence halls open for new students and returning students as published in the College Calendar. Room inspections are conducted by hall staff prior to the arrival of students. Students are responsible for reviewing this form and confirming the condition of their room. Students are responsible for any changes in the condition of their room.

Checking Out

Before students depart campus for the summer, they are expected to:

  • Clean their room and leave it in reasonable order. Those who leave without cleaning their rooms will be billed.
  • Request a hall staff member to “sign them out” on a room inspection form. This will avoid any questions regarding damage to rooms.
  • Return all keys to the Locksmith’s Office. See Key policy.
  • Shut and lock room windows and lock the room door. (Notices are posted preceding such periods as reminders for residents.)

See also the general policies for information on damages and information on paint policy.