Housing Assignments for incoming students will be sent in mid-August.

Room Assignments and Roommate(s)

Wheaton is a residential community and all new students are expected to live on campus.  Requests to live at your parent or guardian’s primary residence and commute will be considered – follow this link for more information.

In early May (January for mid-year enrollment) you will receive a New Student Information packet in the mail.  In that packet, you will find information on how to access the online New Student Housing Survey.

Once you have logged into insideWheaton, you can find the survey located under “Action Items” in the New Student Tab.

We use those answers to match roommate(s) and assign rooms that are as close to your preferences as possible.  We offer double, triple, and quad options.

Requesting Roommates

You can request one (double), two (triple), or three (quad). There is a place to indicate that on the survey and ALL STUDENTS must list each other on their survey for us to honor the request.  We hope to be able to honor these requests, but it is not guaranteed based on available rooms.  In some cases you and your preferred roommate can be match together with other students in a triple or quad.

Do I Need to Find a Roommate?

No and do not feel like you must.  Roommates that request each other are going to face the same challenges then those who are matched through the Housing Survey.  A good roommate relationship is about Communication and Compromise, not about matching questionnaire answers or someone’s Facebook “Likes.”  Knowing that, we suggest you start a discussion over the summer with your roommate, not only about what you’re bringing, but also how you feel about overnight guests, borrowing each others things, “partying” in the room, etc.  You should plan to continue this discussion when you arrive on campus and throughout the year.

CORE & New Student Orientation and Move-In

Please follow this link for information about CORE and New Student Orientation and Move-In :  Campus Orientation & Registration Experience

**Due to limitations on our staff and final preparations to the residence halls, we cannot accept new student early arrivals prior to August 25, 2018 (unless you are participating in a Pre-Orientation program or preseason Athletics).

Housing Accommodations

Students may request a specific housing accommodation due to a medical, psychological, or disability related conditions. Visit our Housing Accommodations page for more information.


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