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  • Lights Out

    Seriously?  Did you think I was going to leave without writing one more d-Log to you, my adoring/not-so-adoring (depending on the day) public?  Then you haven’t been paying attention, because if you had, you’d know I’d never pass up an opportunity to wax nostalgic and/or didactic on this, the eve of my departure from Wheaton. […] More »
  • Integrity, Anonymity, Trust

    It’s the time of year that we do revisions and additions to our various summer communications, including the letter we send to all new students.  Since I’ve been here five years now, you have all gotten one of these, and yes, I actually do sign each of them.  Good thing my name is short.  As […] More »
  • The Tease That Is Spring Break

    March 20, 2014 It was a pretty nice break Norton, where we enjoyed some slightly warmer, sunnier weather, which, in relation to the last few months, felt like July.  And then another snowfall, just to keep us on our toes.  But it’s different, isn’t it?  While early spring in New England brings weather just as […] More »
  • D-log: Get Outta There!!

    D-Log:  November 18, 2013 Some years we have epidemics of flu, other years stomach viruses, and almost always, as the winter approaches, various strains of colds make their way around campus like a city bus.  But this morning, upon reading the weekend’s Public Safety incident reports, I’ve realized we have a different epidemic, one that […] More »
  • Responding to Campus Events

    D-Log:  November 5, 2013 It’s a challenging time of year at Wheaton as it is on many college campuses.  Some approach the end of the semester and exams with a bit of trepidation, others with significant anxiety, and the rest of us somewhere in between.  The holidays are on the horizon, and while for some […] More »
  • Fire Safety, Loneliness, Homecoming and Sexual Misconduct Communication: Another Day in the Dean's Office

    September 30, 2013 Welcome to the first d-Log of the year.  For those of you new to the community, the d-Log is my occasional communication to Wheaton students where I ask questions, explain things, share concerns, celebrate accomplishments and occasionally kvetch.  I post each d-Log on the Dean of Students website, so there’s an archive […] More »
  • D-log: It's Not You, It's Me

    It's Not You, It's Me D-log:  March 24, 2013   My bad.  Totally.  In the last D-log, I promised to be a more faithful correspondent, and then you didn't hear from me for weeks.  Months, technically.  It's not that I don't think of you.  I'm just a slacker, an easily distracted one.  I actually think […] More »
  • d-log: January 26, 2013

     Deans Can Be Slackers, Too  So let me just 'fess up here.  The dog ate my d-logs.  Oh, alright, fine.  I don't have a dog.  But I did not write many d-logs last semester (one, I think), and for that, I owe you an apology.  You know how it goes.  Life gets busy.  Other priorities […] More »
  • A Follow-up to Yesterday's Community Conversation

    d-Log November 14, 2012  Dear Wheaton Students, How can any one 75-minute meeting produce such a diversity of reactions from those in attendance?  I guess it's when those in attendance come from such different perspectives themselves.  That is both the best and hardest thing about Wheaton:  we are a community of different ideas, experiences and […] More »
  • Warm Weather Wisdom

    Not your typical d-log.  This is an email I sent to all students on April 13: Dear Wheaton Students:  As we get hints of the warm spring weather on its way, I’d like to ask a few moments of your time to remind you of a couple of important things: First, no matter how warm and sunny […] More »