During business hours

During regular business hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), students who get locked out of their rooms may be issued a key temporarily by the College Locksmith. This key must be returned immediately.

Non-business hours

During non-business hours, students who get locked out of their rooms should call Public Safety for assistance (x8213). Although Public Safety will provide this service, students must realize that other duties may take a priority, and the service may not be delivered immediately.

Lockout fee

While everyone locks him/herself out of a room or building occasionally, it should be understood that students are expected to take the responsibility to have their keys with them, and requests for this service should occur infrequently. Students who make continual or unreasonable requests for this service from Public Safety will be billed $15.00 per request beyond the first two requests during an academic year. As a matter of courtesy and to allow Public Safety Officers to remain on patrol, students should contact Public Safety if they are able to get into their rooms after having requested the assistance of an officer.