The Public Safety department now offers the ability for new students to provide an electronic copy of their photo for their Wheaton College ID card. Submitting your photo is a three step process.

1) Due to compatibility issues between certain browsers and Adobe Flash, please use Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Microsoft Internet Explorer along with the most current version of the Adobe Flash browser plugin. Visit the passport editing website. Follow the directions to upload your photo, center and crop it, then download the electronic copy to your computer’s desktop.  If you have any questions, please email

2) Once you have downloaded the newly cropped photo to your desktop,  resize it before uploading it to the Wheaton site.  The goal is to get the size of your file at or below 80 KB. If your picture already meets this requirement proceed to step 3.

  • Resizing On a PC  –   Open your photo for editing using an application like “Microsoft Paint” (mspaint.exe).  Your image will typically be about 600 x 600 pixels and 126 KB in size. Resize your image by 60% and save it. If your file size is 80 KB or below proceed to step 3, if it is larger resize again.
  • Resizing On a Mac  Open your photo for editing using an application program like “Preview”. “Preview” is located under “Finder” -> “Go” -> “Applications”.  Once you bring up the image in “Preview”, select “Tools” -> “Adjust Size” then either lower the “width/height” or lower the “Resolution” and at the bottom in the “Resulting Size” section it will tell you what the size of the image will be, then hit “OK”.  If your file size is 80 KB or below proceed to step 3, if it is larger resize again.

3) Once you have resized your photo, visit the Wheaton College ID Photo web site, log in with your Wheaton “w” ID and password. Select the “Browse” button then upload your newly resized photo. If you see your new photo on screen then you are all set, just select “Logout”.

If you are a new student you can visit the Balfour Hood Media Center at the beginning of the semester to pick up your ID card (watch your mail for more information regarding pick-up times). If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the Wheaton College Public Safety office at (508) 286-8213.