All Wheaton students and employees are issued photo identification cards, which are to be carried at all times. Tampering with information on the College ID is a violation of the Honor Code. Dining Services utilizes a computerized meal card access system to administer the food service program. Students may not eat in College dining facilities without their College ID’s. This policy is actively enforced. The College ID is required for entrance to campus events and facilities.

-Presenting ID upon Request

Students and employees should carry their ID cards at all times and must produce them as a means of identification on the campus when requested by a College official or designated representative. Refusal to do so is considered a violation of the Honor Code.

New Student ID Photos

New students now have the opportunity to send their college identification card photos electronically prior to arriving on campus. This allows Public Safety to create a Wheaton ID card over the summer and have the card ready when the student checks in. Any returning students who want to update their photos over the summer will be charged the $25 replacement card fee.

Lost Cards

In the event an ID card is lost or stolen, a replacement must be obtained from the Public Safety Department. Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately to the Public Safety Department and Dining Services. The cost of replacing a lost ID card is $25.00; the cost of replacing an ID card which is worn out due to normal wear and tear is $25.00. Students who have lost their ID cards may obtain meals in the dining halls with temporary meal coupons (available at the Public Safety Department), by providing their name and ID number to charge to their PS account, or by paying cash. PS account charges and cash purchases will not be reimbursed.