Advising is an opportunity to connect with students outside of the classroom and be a part of their engagement in the Wheaton community.

Although there is no financial compensation for the time and hard work that goes into advising, the returns are worth every effort. The club/organization advisor role is one developed with guidance from this information and open dialogue with the leadership team for the group in which you advise.  Each relationship, shared expectations and club type differs greatly.

Being an advisor includes making a difference in students’ lives, having fun, keeping abreast of campus events, building community, and personal satisfaction.

An advisor is seen as a role model, mentor and advocate for the group. Although the advisor’s influence is likely to carry more weight than that of most members of the group, the advisor is not an authority figure but a guide. Being an advisor is a delicate balancing act and requires that all those involved keep the lines of communication open.

Who can be an advisor? Any full-time faculty or staff member may be an advisor to a club or organization at Wheaton College. The advisor should be accessible to the student leadership on a regular basis. Depending on your position this could be part of your job or a volunteer opportunity.

Intro to Club Advising (pdf)