Most clubs/organizations incur expenses and must apply to SGA for funding each year.

In applying for funds, here are some helpful tips:

Plan early.
In order to submit an accurate application, you must first know next year’s goals, events, and idea. By knowing what you need to accomplish, you will know what types of expenses you will incur. Specifically, your application should have confirmed, exact costs; not value ranges.

Be realistic.
Did your group accomplish all of its goals and events it stated from last year’s proposal? We understand that programs and events have the tendency to change, with that in mind, keep your proposal simple with modest, yet critical, goals. This will not only help your group stay focused next year but, will show SGA that your group is organized and purposeful.

Look to others.
Review the Treasurer’s Report for the Fiscal Year prior and try to understand the SGA process. Then read your group’s past proposals and create a draft. Give a copy of your draft proposal to another student group to critique; preferably a group that is not the same tier/type. Any questions they ask for clarification on means that SGA may/will have the same concerns or issues in understanding your application.