Congratulations! The event is done, and it’s time to measure how effective you were. Have a post-event meeting to celebrate your successes and review areas for improvement. Do this by revisiting your goals and see how they measured up to your group’s goals.

The following are some specific questions you can ask group members to evaluate your event:

  • Did we meet our goals and objectives with this event?
  • Did we exceed our budget?
  • How did we staff this event? Were there enough volunteers to set-up and break down, etc.?
  • Did we effectively promote this event? How can we improve advertising for future events?
  • How could this event have been improved?
  • Would we run this event in the future? If so, what would be done in a different way?
  • Did we face any group conflict with this event? What was it? How was it resolved? What have we learned from this conflict?
  • How did the process of planning and running this event aid us to better understand our group dynamics and grow as a group, officers, and leaders?
  • Remember to place the completed evaluation into your files so you remember what can be improved upon for the future.