Please keep the following in mind when posting flyers, banners, and other advertisements.

Posters and signs advertising an event must clearly state:

  • the name(s) of the sponsor(s),
  • a main contact (name and email) and
  • event information (title, date, time, and location)

All posted materials may be affixed to bulletin boards.

Absolutely no posters/signs may be affixed in any manner to windows or glass doors. Refrain from painted indoor and outdoor surfaces (pillars, doors, etc).

Use thumb tacks or masking tape – clear tape is difficult to remove.

Be respectful!

Do not cover, relocate or remove another event’s flyer/banner.

You can only remove another flyer/banner if the event has passed.

Alcohol can never be mentioned your advertising efforts.

See the “Alcohol” section for more information.

Work with the Wheaton Post Office staff to send materials via campus mail.

You can send mail to specific class years!