The Student Senate acts as the official Legislative body of the Student Government Association of Wheaton College. It is through the Senate that the student body projects its voice. The Senate has various powers including the right to recognize new clubs and organizations, the power to determine and allocate the Student Activities Fee, as well as serve on committees to further enhance the Wheaton community as a whole. The Vice President presides over the Senate and facilities the day-to-day operations of the branch.


Tuesdays 7-9 PM

Executive Board ‘18-’19

SGA President – Sophia Hatzikos
SGA Vice President – Mateo Espinosa-Tokuhama
SGA Treasurer – Sierra Prasad
SGA Secretary – Aishwarya Rao
Intercultural Board Chair – Candice Appiah
Programming Activities Council Chair – William Laplaca
Education Council Chair – James Clancy
Student Alumni Council Chair – Gracie Callaghan
College Hearing Board Chair – Morgan Shields

Senators ’18-’19

Class of 2019 Senator – Ebony Kennedy
Class of 2019 Senator – Sydney Littlejohn
Class of 2020 Senator – Perardine Isidore
Class of 2020 Senator – Vacant
Class of 2021 Senator – Christopher Orndoff
Class of 2021 Senator – Emily Dionne
Class of 2021 Senator – Jonny Raymond
Class of 2022 Senator – Zack Barsamian
Class of 2022 Senator – Abby Cook
Senator-at-Large – Vacant
Senator-at-Large – Benjamin Stone
Senator-at-Large – Vacant
Senator-at-Large – Micheala (Mae) Filiobtte
Senator-at-Large – Andre Nilsen
Class of 2019 Class Representative – Sam Mahler
Class of 2020 Class Representative – Joseph Perez
Class of 2021 Class Representative – Michael Metz
Class of 2022 Class Representative – Viren Tuli
Intercultural Board Senator – Vacant

Helpful links

SGA Proposals Template (pdf)