The Student Senate acts as the official Legislative body of the Student Government Association of Wheaton College. It is through the Senate that the student body projects its voice. The Senate has various powers including the right to recognize new clubs and organizations, the power to determine and allocate the Student Activities Fee, as well as serve on committees to further enhance the Wheaton community as a whole. The Vice President presides over the Senate and facilitates the day-to-day operations of the branch.


Tuesdays 7-9 PM

Senate and Class Council Positions

Class of 2020

Chair: Maia Hay
Communications and Marketing: Steven Flowers
Treasurer: Vacant
Member at Large: Eugenie Perez

Class of 2021

Chair: Kim Lannery
Communications and Marketing: Marcel Smith
Treasurer: Vacant
Member at Large: Vacant

Class of 2022

Chair: Payce W. Shepard
Communications and Marketing: Carlos S. Corrada
Treasurer: Eva Danielson
Member at Large: Sam Stone
Member at Large: Sofie Weston

Class of 2023

Chair: Cleef Jonathas
Communications and Marketing: Sophie Waters
Treasurer: Guthrie Hartsfield
Member at Large: Emiliano Herrera-Rosa
Member at Large: Ciara Kilkenny