College Hearing Board Chair

Morgan Shields, Class of 2019

The College Hearing Board (CHB) is charged with maintaining the Wheaton College Honor Code. The College’s judicial policies, practices, and sanctions are designed for the purpose of education and are not to be equated with state or federal laws or the criminal justice system. The disciplinary system seeks to educate students so that they understand both personal freedoms and the limits of belonging to and living in a diverse academic community.

The CHB has jurisdiction over both Academic and Social violations. For more details on what exactly constitutes an academic violation, please consult the Student Handbook. The Handbook also outlines what constitutes a social violation of the Honor Code. Our Judicial Procedures are listed here and are independent of the SGA Constitution.

Appeals of CHB decisions can be made to the Appellate Board, but only as a procedural appeal. That is, in the event that we did not follow our procedures. For more severe sanctions, students may appeal to the Office of the President of the College, and the President can take action if so desired.

A final note: No student or community member has an entitlement or right to a hearing before the College Hearing Board or Appellate Board, or to the college’s strict adherence to the procedures set forth herein. The above does not constitute a contract to any person. The college, in its sole discretion, may alter any of the above steps or procedures, as it deems necessary given the facts and circumstances of each situation.