The Executive Board is composed of twelve members who are elected during the Spring campus-wide elections. They are responsible for identifying issues concerning the student body, organizing ad-hoc committees, acting as the liaison body of the Senate to non-Senate groups, and undertaking other activities when deemed appropriate.

The Executive Board conducts all elections and impeachment proceedings related to the Senate and nominates student members to serve on standing committees of the Senate. The Executive Board serves as advocates for members of the student body.

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SGA President

The Student Government Association provides a platform to channel student activism, engagement, and provide a channel through which to voice concerns and shape Wheaton’s campus to reflect their priorities. Wheaton SGA is the legislative forum for students looking to impact policy, programs, and acts as a channel for funding to support student interests.

SGA Vice President

The Vice President’s major responsibility is to chair and manage the SGA Senate. This includes the moderating meetings preparing of the agenda and advising the Committee of Student Services. The Vice President also directly assists the President in managing the Student Government Association. The Vice President facilitates the Senate and supports their endeavors to pass legislation that will better the student experience at Wheaton, as well as foster open communications between the student body and their representatives in Senate who seek to represent and serve them.

SGA Secretary

The Secretary serves as the director of communications for the Student Government Association and strives to keep an open line of communication between SGA and the Student Body. The SGA Secretary maintains records of all SGA business–including Senate meetings and manages all social media accounts. The Secretary also organizes events including the activities fair, elections, and oversees the Senate Operations Committee.

SGA Treasurer

The SGA Treasurer serves to facilitate the processes for clubs, club sports, and theme houses to receive funding for events. The Treasurer chairs the Student Activity Fund Committees as well as the Venture Fund Committee. The Treasurer does not have the authority to process purchase requests or help clubs receive checks for their events.

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Programming and Activities Council Chair

Programming Council (PC) is a student-run organization that plans and hosts social, cultural and recreational events on campus throughout the academic year. Our goal is to engage students in creative and unique campus-wide programs that may appeal to the diverse interests of the community. We value collaboration with other student groups on campus and welcome any input that students are willing to offer. Our meetings are open each week to anyone and everyone who wishes to share event ideas and opinions for future programming efforts. Some of our events include:
  • Welcome Back Weekend
  • Live @ the Loft Thursdays
  • Dances
  • the Mr. Wheaton Contest
  • Casino Nights
  • Concerts
  • Pub Trivia Nights
  • Comedians
  • Illusionists
  • … and the many events that fall within our annual Spring Weekend, just to name a few.

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Intercultural Board Chair

The purpose of the Intercultural Board is to strive towards inclusiveness within Wheaton’s campus on issues regarding sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and other pieces of identity. As viewed by the affected community, a majority of these issues seem to be unaddressed or are underrepresented on campus. Since ICB is one of the major tiers under Wheaton’s Student Government Association (SGA), it ensures club representation on campus. The main goal of ICB is to help its clubs mobilize towards informing and educating the Wheaton community on these overlooked issues through organizing campus-wide events, collaborating with clubs inside and outside of ICB, and building a strong foundation between ICB leaders and committed members.

Educational Council Chair

Mission Statement

The role of the Educational Council is to “[voice] student concerns on medium to long-range educational issues and for working with faculty planning bodies and the administration on educational planning issues at Wheaton.” SGA Constitution, Article III, Section 3, B. This council serves as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, along with members of the administration involved in the academic and curricular aspects of Wheaton. It is the responsibility of the council to represent the student voice on various faculty committees and other groups concerned with the educational experience of all students. The council focuses on the concept of community to provide the proper avenues to address and enhance relationships between students and faculty. Furthermore, the Educational Council strives to support educational activities and endeavors on and off campus for both students and faculty members alike.

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College Hearing Board Chair

The College Hearing Board (CHB) is charged with maintaining the Wheaton College Honor Code. The College’s judicial policies, practices, and sanctions are designed for the purpose of education and are not to be equated with state or federal laws or the criminal justice system. The disciplinary system seeks to educate students so that they understand both personal freedoms and the limits of belonging to and living in a diverse academic community.

The CHB has jurisdiction over both Academic and Social violations. For more details on what exactly constitutes an academic violation, please consult the Student Handbook. The Handbook also outlines what constitutes a social violation of the Honor Code. Our Judicial Procedures are listed here and are independent of the SGA Constitution.

Appeals of CHB decisions can be made to the Appellate Board, but only as a procedural appeal. That is, in the event that we did not follow our procedures. For more severe sanctions, students may appeal to the Office of the President of the College, and the President can take action if so desired.

A final note: No student or community member has an entitlement or right to a hearing before the College Hearing Board or Appellate Board, or to the college’s strict adherence to the procedures set forth herein. The above does not constitute a contract to any person. The college, in its sole discretion, may alter any of the above steps or procedures, as it deems necessary given the facts and circumstances of each situation.

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Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association at Wheaton College plays a key role as a liaison between the students and the Wheaton Alumni.  The Student Alumni Association works to achieve this through hosting events ranging from social networking opportunities to service work with Alumni, and on-campus career panels. Through the Student Alumni Association events, current students can explore the resources available to them and take advantage of the opportunities to create long-lasting relationships.

Accessibility Chair


Sustainability Chair


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