Schedule a Ride by calling (508) 809-0168

Each trip costs $4 per student, round trip. All trips must be schedule between the stated times. The pick up location on campus is the Slype on Howard Street.




Sept 3 WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target  1-7 pm
Sept 10
WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target  1-7 pm
Oct 8 WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target  1-7 pm
Oct 22 WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target  1-7 pm
Nov 5 WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target  1-7 pm
 Nov 19  WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target   1-7 pm
 Dec 3  WrenthamPatriot Place, & Target   1-7 pm


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Things to Know

  • Do NOT call before or after the stated day and times. Space is limited; first come, first serve, so call earlier in the day.
  • Destination trips cannot be made after 9pm. If you are not picked up by the time listed to return to Wheaton you will have to pay FULL taxi cost which can be $30 or more!
  •  Locations and prices are subject to change.
  • Locations routes include: