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Policy, Non-Profits, and the Arts

The Policy, Non-Profits and the Arts concentration provides students the opportunity to integrate theoretical and applied coursework. This concentration is oriented toward students with an interest in the non-profit sector of the economy as well as the arts. Students will develop an understanding of the policy issues that have a have a major impact on the environment of non-profit institutions, as well as providing the knowledge of the entrepreneurial skills necessary to pursue a successful career in the arts. (N.B. Pols 026 is a .5 credit course; if it is taken as part of this concentration, a 4th course will need to be taken to fulfill the concentration’s 3.0 credit hour requirement).


ARTS 250 Graphic Design I
ARTS 350 Graphic Design II
ARTH 230 Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTH 335 Exhibition Design
ECON 298 Enterprising Nonprofits: An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
ECON 262 Health Economics
ECON 303 Public Finance
ECON 361 Industrial Organization and Public Policy
EDUC 375 Issues in Early Care and Education
MUSC 225 The Business of Music
or MUSC 298 The Ethnomusicology of the Music Business
POLS 398 Leadership: Theory and Practice
(N.B., .5 credit hours)
SOC 175 Media and Society
SOC 225 Health and Medicine
SOC 245 How Organizations Work
SOC 282 Visual Sociology
/ (N.B., .5 credit hours)

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