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  • Conversation with George Kunhardt ‘09

    February 10, 2017
    Screening—Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 11:30 a.m.
    Discussion—Woolley Room, Mary Lyon Hall, 1:00 p.m. More »
  • Life After College: Just Keep Swimming

    March 29, 2017
    Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 5:30 p.m. More »
  • Picasso’s Demoiselles: Africa, Sex, Origins and Creativity—9th Annual Mary L. Heuser Lecture featuring Suzanne Blier

    February 7, 2017
    For years, Picasso’s deep engagement with African culture in his iconic Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) was often played down, to avoid any potential embarrassment that one of the more influential works of the western canon, created by the 20th-century's most famous innovators, had its key sources outside Europe. In this talk, Suzanne Blier will reintegrate Africa and Picasso’s other key sources back into the history of this revolutionary work.
    Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 6:00 p.m. More »
  • Heuser Lecture, spring 2016

    Cabinets for Collections: From Wunderkammern to the Athenaeum—8th Annual Mary L. Heuser Lecture featuring Christopher Monkhouse

    April 21, 2016
    The Wheaton Friends of Art welcome Christopher Monkhouse, Eloise W. Martin Curator of European Decorative Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, for a lecture exploring the history and design of masterwork cabinets for collections. Often as fascinating as the objects they were created to contain, these cabinets reproduce the Wunderkammer—the Renaissance “wonder-room”—in miniature form, magnifying the artistic and intellectual value of their contents. Of particular interest is the Providence Athenaeum’s tour-de-force Egyptian Elephant Folio Cabinet, conceived and executed in the 1830s by John Russell Bartlett and Frederick Catherwood.
    Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 6:00 p.m. More »
  • VAP Sue Williamson

    Elephants in the Room: Four South African Women Artists Address Hidden Issues

    April 28, 2016
    South African artist and activist Sue Williamson presents a lecture about South Africa's emerging and mid-career women artists, with an emphasis on how each engages with a particular social problem.
    Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 5:00 p.m. More »
  • VAPs Sally Yerkovich and Heather Kuruvilla

    From Stolen Art to Selling Art: Contemporary Challenges in Museum Ethics

    October 1, 2015
    Join anthropologist Sally Yerkovich and intellectual property lawyer Heather Hope Kuruvilla for a lecture and discussion on ethical and legal issues facing museums in the 21st century.
    Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 5:00 p.m. More »