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@ElizaBTweetin: A Dog Friendly Campus

Posted on May 3, 2013

Dogs have long had a special place here on Wheaton’s campus. Recently students have been discussing the idea of starting a Pet Friendly House that would teach students about caring for animals. Whether or not this theme house is approved, we can say for certain that dogs have enjoyed a rich and long history at Wheaton.

Dog License Town of Norton 1872 EBW

Dog License for Eliza's dog Carl, a black and white Newfoundland-St. Bernard mix.

Starting with Mrs. Wheaton’s carriage dog Romeo, and later her Newfoundland-St. Bernard mix Carl, dogs have been frolicking around the campus bringing joy to students and employees alike, since the college's inception. Some will remember Nancy Norton's miniature Collie Restie, Bojan Jennings' Golden Rex (who would patiently wait for her at the Library's front door), and Head Librarian Hilda Harris' Scottie, who slept under her desk during the day.

From 1998 to 2011, a dog named Dee was brought to Wheaton specifically to chase geese off of campus grass.Dee the Dog  Most dogs on campus have not been here to work, as President Samuel Valentine Cole’s dog Sandy, who is featured in one of Wheaton's ghost stories, reminds us. Sometimes it is just a friendly scratch behind the ears or that ever-present tongue loll to make a student's day - this is just as important a part of the student experience as any other Wheaton tradition. 

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