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Child Protestor Stands Above

Posted on December 3, 2012

Iraq War Protest, Boston MA, Nov. 2002.

Franny Trimble '13

While stumbling through the unidentified photographs in the Archives, I came across a small collection of protest pictures. I found a photo that showcased a different type of protestor among the throng of people waving signs and chanting: the image of a child standing atop his proverbial soapbox holding high a sign with a simple anti-war slogan.

The event he participated in took place in Boston on November 3, 2002, an anti-war protest against the possibility of the United States declaring war with Iraq. Among the reported 15,000 to 25,000 people who attended were two Wheaton students, one being Alex de Jong of the class of 2003, who took the photo. The photo was published in an article about the protest in the Wheaton Wire, including interviews with various people at the protest from both the anti- and pro-war sides of the conflict. The article is well- written and interesting with factual points and a stylized voice. My only wish is to have had the opinion of the child in the picture.

I wonder how much he understood about war, or if the concept that it brings death to many was enough for him to recognize it as a source of pain and evil. I also wonder how much of his little world would have been impacted by war, or maybe his parents simply made him participate in the protest. Regardless of the circumstances that brought him there, I like that, among the chaos and clutter, the small action of a child rose out and above it all.

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