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Cows on Beach!?!

Posted on October 1, 2012

By Franny Trimble

Cows on Jeffrey's Bay South Africa

Cows on a Beach

The Archives currently has a seemingly endless supply of unidentified photos. My project is to file these photos into our image collection. One day while I was trying to Sherlock Holmes information from these unknown photos, I happened to stumble across a very striking photo, a picture of cows on a beach.

While seemingly not that groundbreaking of a concept, the pure obscurity of it gave me pause. Dozens of questions came to mind and popped out like a million little thought bubbles, questions such as what are these cows doing on a beach? What kind of shepherd waters their herd with seawater? Can cows swim? If so, are they afraid of sharks? Are they trying to get a tan? Can cows sunburn? Regardless of these irrelevant questions, I was able to deduce a certain amount of information about the photo. 

What I mean by “deduce” is that I Googled the very little information on the back of the photo the printed words “Jeffrey’s Bay”. Jeffrey’s Bay is a town in South Africa located in the Eastern Cape province. Thanks to a quick Wikipedia search, I learned that Jeffrey’s Bay is a very popular spot for surfers. It has also been rated one of the top five places in the world to surf due to the consistency and power of the waves. Now, as for the question of how the picture ended up in Wheaton’s Archives, the most logical explanation is that it’s from a professor's or student’s experience abroad. Among all the amazing sights to have seen in Africa, how lucky they were to have been a witness to such an odd phenomena.

Google Map of Jeffery's Bay, South Africa

Jeffery's Bay, South Africa

So, do cows surf???

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