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Arabic Studies at Wheaton College offers a robust program of courses in the Arabic language. The department offers three levels of Arabic designed for students with no previous study of Arabic. Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world -- spoken mainly through the Middle East and most of North Africa. Since the Middle Ages, Arabic has left a lasting mark on numerous other languages, including English.

Though Arabic can be a challenging and uncommon language to learn, the cultural and professional benefits it offers are many. Arabic speakers are in great demand among international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, international companies, foreign aid agencies, intelligence agencies, and many other sectors.

Our goal here at Wheaton is to provide an introduction to modern standard Arabic within the cultural context of the Arab world. Studying Arabic allows students to gain greater cultural and international understanding through the lens of language. By studying Arabic and learning about the language, students will begin to gain a deeper and more nuanced perspective of the Arabic-speaking world than the typical themes found in U.S. mass media.

This program and its courses are also associated and often conjoined with the Stonehill College Arabic program.

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