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Out of Africa, Into Norton

Posted on February 18, 2012

Anthropology majors, Emily Dewet '14 and Jennifer Irving '14, made news last week (Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/11/2012) when they were  joined by four other 2011 Wheaton-in-Tanzania program participants to conduct a three hour workshop in the Norton Middle School.  Two sixth grade Geography teachers at the middle school, Kimberly Spence and Barbara Nado spent the fall 2011 semester teaching a unit on sub-Saharan Africa.  While looking on-line for resources to enhance their unit, they came across the CURA publication of the Letters of Hope digital story and contacted Professor Donna Kerner who worked with the students to organize an hour long presentation to over 230 students based on their experiences living and teaching in Tanzania last summer.  They then spent two additional hours in the classroom working with the sixth grade teams who are writing letters for the 2012 program participants to take to Tanzania in June.  Addtionally, the middle school teams are planning to run several events to raise funds for the Wheaton program to purchase books, supplies, and sports equipment for the Tarekea secondary schools where Wheaton students will volunteer as English language enrichment teachers.

(see local press coverage: http://www.thesunchronicle.com/articles/2012/02/11/news/10968852.txt

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