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Aching for Japan

Posted on March 17, 2011

As we watch the images and hear the sounds of suffering from Japan's recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, we cannot help remembering that the pain hits at home for some of our own Anthropology majors. Our hearts go out to you and to your friends and families.

We deeply admire how, from afar, students like Atsuyoshi Ishizumi and Nanako Ota are working to support those struggling to live through the events that we only begin to understand through our daily news. As the Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports, Atsu a junior Anthropology major recently returned from a study abroad term in Bhutan, "has put his love of music toward helping his native Japan." Nana and Atsu both participated in a special event to discuss the situation in Japan. As the Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports, the stories they shared allow us to begin to understand the meaning of the tragedies.

Atsu has collaborated with a friend in Japan to produce a musical tribute (composed by Atsu) that he hopes will offer some help at this time.

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