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Violence Against Women Symposium

Posted on April 20, 2010

Anth/Soc/WMST 311 Present...


iSpeak at the Loft Event and a Box of Hope

Tuesday April 20, 8pm

iSpeak performances regarding the issue of violence against women and a Box of Hope to fill with inspiring words to women who have experienced violence.

Take Back the Night (Mary Lyon)

Wednesday April 21, 7:30pm

A march around the Wheaton College campus to take a stand against violence towards women.


Art Exhibition by Emilie Neuss (Meneely Second Floor Landing and Science Center Lobby)

Monday April 19-Friday April 23

Emile Neuss’s art pieces inspired by readings from the Violence against Women class.

Behind Closed Doors (Library)

Monday April 19-Friday April 23

The “Behind Closed Doors” exhibit symbolizes the stark reality of women who have experienced domestic violence relationships. This door reflects an issue that has been silenced by society and is now screaming for attention. The visual representation is meant to bring awareness to the Wheaton community and elicit a desire for change individually and collectively. Courtesy of Anthropology and Sociology Major Morgan Foster '12.

Hitting Close to Home Display (Balfour Atrium Balcony)

Monday April 19-Friday April 23

The kitchen is a place where families gather in joy, but this display reminds us that the kitchen is also the place where far too many instances of domestic violence occur.

The Clothesline Project (Balfour Hood)

Monday April 19-Friday April 23

Shirts expressing the emotions and feelings of women who experience violence. In collaboration with SSSR.

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