Dear Class of 2008,

We did it! Again this year, we set a Wheaton College fundraising record (as we did at our senior gift, 2nd and 5th reunions). Our class had the most donors ever to give in a 10th reunion year, with an incredible 105 classmates contributing to the Wheaton Fund in honor of our 10th reunion milestone.

Thank you to the classmates listed below for their support of Wheaton this year. Collectively we surpassed our fundraising goal, raising $10,040, which will have an immediate impact on the students, faculty and staff at Wheaton and set a standard for the future of Wheaton.

As our class leaders, we appreciate all those who have chosen to prioritize Wheaton in their philanthropy this year. Yet again, you made us proud to be a part of the Class of ’08!

With gratitude,

2008 Class Officers

Anonymous (11)
Anne Bahr
Sarah Baline
Sabina Balkissoon
Evan Bell
Victoria Bennett +
Emma Birge-Osborne
Laura (Blanchard) Bitler +
Collyn Bradley
Megan (Brousseau) Haber
Amy Brown
Justin Brown +
Mathew Calabro
Megan (Hertler) Carrier
Hui Gen Chen
Robin Child
Whitney Connell +
Elizabeth Cooper +
Madhu (Cornwell) Khan
Jessica DePaiva +
Brent DiGiovanna
Rebecca Epstein
Sarah (Scott) Felson
Kimberly (Wozniakewicz) Fisher +
Lindsay Forsberg +
Nicholas Fradiani
Michael Freese +
Joshua Friedman
Christopher Gallagher
Mawena Gbedema
Bowen Gillie
Peter Ginsbury
Ella (Farnsworth) Ginsbury
Alida Gomez +
Victoria Hay
Anna Hoertkorn ^ +
Briana (Jackson) Huguenel
Nicholas Johansen
Kyle Judkins
Perri Kapp
Aidan Kelley
Megan Kinney +
Emily Krasner
John Kuol
Thayer Lawson
Joseph Lee ^ +
Janine Lipsky +
Austin Llewellyn +
Heather Lobitz
Matthew Lorello
Cara (Strachan) Mann
Nicholas Mann
Jenna Mason +
Corinna McFarland ^ +
Daniel McGuire +
Maya Milic-Strkalj +
Laura (Gallant) Mintzer
Jake Mintzer
Caitlin Mitchell
Cheryl Moskowitz +
Jennifer Mullen
Emily Muller
Ashlan Musante
Chelsea Nader
Lindsay Nason Villone +
Shannon O’Leary +
Ryan Onell Letada
David Ostman
Mary Ostrander Beed
Jacob Otto
Nicholas Parson
Seth Perkins
Kathryn Pienta
Janessa Piteo +
Bridget Pulice
Taavi Raidma +
Kathryn Riley
Molly (Hislop) Robinson
Genevieve Scoville
Diane Seltzer
Laura Seretta +
Katharine Stanley +
Sarah Steward +
Polly Sturges
Jessica Summers +
Caroline Teague-Nortcliffe
Liana Tierney ^
Anna Kate Tobin +
Juliann True Dooley
Ian Walker
Heather Wheble +
Margaret Wheeler-Frothingham
Elizabeth (Fletcher) White
Nicholas Yeaton
Ru-Shyan Yen

^ Mary Lyon Leadership Society
+ 1834 Society

Class Leadership

Class President- Laura Blanchard Bitler
Wheaton Fund Co-Chair- Collyn Bradley
Class Co-Vice President- Mathew Calabro
Gift Committee Member – Rebecca Epstein
Gift Committee Member- Joseph Lee
Class Officer-at-large- Matthew Lorello
Class Co-Vice President- Janessa Piteo
Wheaton Fund Co-Chair – Lindsay Nason Villone