Dear Class of 1988,

Welcome to your class page! This is a space for you to hear from class officers, reconnect with classmates, learn about ways to get more involved, share photos, and register for upcoming events happening with your class and in your area. This page is also a resource for you and your classmates, and we encourage you to visit it often! We hope to see you back at Wheaton in the coming years.


Catherine & Patti
Wheaton College Staff Liaisons


Class Leadership

Susan Dunn, Class President
Carrie (Dixon) Brabant, Class Co-Vice President
Rebecca Hemperly, Wheaton Fund Co-Chair
Brooke (Goldstein) Judd, Class Co-Vice President
Melissa Namiot, Wheaton Fund Co-Chair
Tamar (Newell) Taffaro, Class Treasurer
Renée Poutre, Class Co-Vice President
Mary (Rockwell) Thon, Co-Secretary
Karen Sennett, Co-Secretary
Lisa Silberman, Class Co-Vice President