Patricia Sweeting ’77
Alumni Association Board of Directors

Re-affirming connections: “I have worked with the Alumnae Association in the early years following graduation. The decision to go co-ed interrupted that bond and attending Reunions was the extent of my official involvement.  However, my relationships with Wheaton classmates has been (and continues to be) a strong and empowering bond in my life. I appreciated the people I met and the skills I developed. I chose to become re-engaged with the inauguration of President Crutcher in 2000. The selection of a person of color for the presidency indicated to me that Wheaton had changed and I should discover the school as it is now.”

Discovering passions: “As an economics major, Professor John Walgreen was a steady presence throughout my years at Wheaton. Professors Jay Goodman and Darlene Boroviak also were great influences. I was president of the Black Student Society my junior year and head of the social committee of the Student Government my senior year. Both activities cemented my love for producing events, particularly music events. In some way or another, I’ve been doing that ever since.”

Fun fact: “I studied tap dancing for a number of years. Even though it’s been some time ago, I still like to think of myself as a latent Ginger Rogers. I plan to take up ballroom dancing in my golden years.”

Alumni Volunteer History

  • APAC Committee, 1985, 2011-16
  • Filene Center, 2011-14
  • ABD Recruitment Pool, 2011
  • Black Alumnae/i Group, 1995-2004
  • Alumnae Association Nominating Committee, 1981-86
  • National Campaign Area Committee, 1981-86
  • Alumnae Board (Committee Chair), 1979
  • Wheaton Club (Coordinator), 1978

Professional background:

  • Program Coordinator, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 2013-present
  • Owner, Virago Productions, 1999-present

Academic background:

  • B.A., Economics, Wheaton College, 1977