Would you like to host a virtual group gathering, happy hour, or class meeting? Alumni Relations will help you organize and provide a Zoom link for your event. Download and install the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device.

How it works and security
  1. A Wheaton volunteer can fill out the Zoom request form below to schedule a Zoom call.
  2. Once your group has set up a date and time, a registration link will be sent out from the College for individuals to sign up.
  3. The registrants will be sent a Zoom link 2 hours before the call for security reasons.
  4. When joining the Zoom call, you will be put into a waiting room for approval. This helps to keep Zoom bombers out and provide a better Zoom experience for the users.
  5. Once you join a meeting, you will be muted. This is done to reduce noise feedback and excessive background noise. You will be able to unmute yourself once you’re established in the call.
Rules and regulations for using the Alumni Relations Zoom account.
  1. The Zoom link is never to be posted on a public site such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, class web page, etc…
  2. Registration for the call is required in order to check that everyone is an approved user.
  3. The Wheaton Zoom is to only be used for Wheatie events. We will not provide Zoom links for non-Wheaton related meetings.
  1. If you are not familiar with Zoom, you can find technical information here?
    Please visit the Getting Started page and make sure to download the Zoom app.
  2. How should I connect if I do not have a computer?
    No problem, when the link is sent out, call-in instructions will also be sent to all registrants.
  3. Do I need my own Zoom account to join a zoom call?
    No, having a Zoom account is not required when joining an already created meeting.
  4. What should I do if my camera isn’t working?
    Try tips for troubleshooting your camera.
  5. How can I resolve issues with my audio?
    Here are the directions for fixing your audio.
Hosting a Virtual Call?

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