Members of our admission staff will be visiting schools around the world this fall to meet with you.  Find out if we’ll be in your area!

Our Fall 2018 international travel dates are as follows:

Location Dates Counselor
India August 27, 28, 31, October 1-12 Eric Weinhold
China October 15-29 Eric Weinhold
Singapore September 2-4 Eric Weinhold
Hong Kong. S. A. R. September 6-7 Eric Weinhold
Philippines September 9-11 Eric Weinhold
Japan September 13-14 Eric Weinhold
Taiwan September 15-16 Eric Weinhold
Myanmar September 18 Eric Weinhold
Vietnam TBD Eric Weinhold
Latin America September 3-15 Wanda Suriel
Dominican Republic October 22-23 Wanda Suriel
Switzerland September 23-25, October 1-3 Jason Laperriere
England September 26-29 Jason Laperriere
Wales September 30 Jason Laperriere
Germany November 3-7 Jason Laperriere
Austria November 8-9 Jason Laperriere
Turkey October 4-11 Jason Laperriere
Jordan October 12-14 Jason Laperriere
Lebanon October 15 Jason Laperriere
United Arab Emirates October 16-18 Jason Laperriere