Members of our admission staff will be visiting schools around the world this fall to meet with you.  Find out if we’ll be in your area! Our Fall 2017 international travel dates are as follows:

Location Dates Counselor
New Delhi, India Aug 26-28 Eric Weinhold
Jaipur, India Aug 29-30 Eric Weinhold
Mumbai, India Aug 31-Sept 2 Eric Weinhold
Pune, India Sept 3-4 Eric Weinhold
Bangalore, India Sept 5-6 Eric Weinhold
Chennai, India Sept 7 Eric Weinhold
Madurai, India Sept 8 Eric Weinhold
Tapei, Taiwan Sept 18-19 Eric Weinhold
Guangzhou, China Sept 21-23 Eric Weinhold
Shanghai, China Sept 24-26 Eric Weinhold
Beijing, China Sept 27-28 Eric Weinhold
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Sept 30 Eric Weinhold
Hanoi, Vietnam Oct 1-3 Eric Weinhold
Tokyo, Japan Oct 5-6 Eric Weinhold
Shanghai, China Oct 22-25 Eric Weinhold
Beijing, China Oct 26-30 Eric Weinhold
San Jose, Costa Rica Sept 17-18 Wanda Suriel
Panama City, Panama Sept 19 Wanda Suriel
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Sept 20 Wanda Suriel
Bogota, Colombia Sept 21 Wanda Suriel
Barranquilla, Colombia Sept 22-23 Wanda Suriel
Quito, Ecuador Sept 24-25 Wanda Suriel
Lima, Peru Sept 26 Wanda Suriel
Asuncion, Paraguay Sept 27 Wanda Suriel
Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 28-29 Wanda Suriel
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Oct 1-2 Wanda Suriel
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Oct 4-6 Wanda Suriel
Paris, France Sept 25 Jason Laperriere
London, England Sept 26-30 Jason Laperriere
Paris, France Oct 1 Jason Laperriere
Geneva, Switzerland Oct 2-6 Jason Laperriere
Zurich, Switzerland Oct 2-6 Jason Laperriere
Istanbul, Turkey Oct 8 Jason Laperriere
Edinburgh, United Kingdom Nov 15-16 Eric Weinhold