Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Justina Easow

Hicksville, New York


I am a member of the  Student Government Association and a preceptor. In my free time, I like attending the a Cappella concerts, eating a Super Cookie at the Lyon’s Den, or hanging with friends in the Dimple.

Why Wheaton?
Wheaton’s community has made me more than just a number but a student with a passion, a history, and a future. I love the opportunities it provids to grow and flourish.

Most thrilling adventure?
During my time abroad, I was stranded in Barcelona, Spain due to Iceland’s volcanic eruption. Despite my anxiety to return to my homestay in Switzerland, I made the most of my vacation in a beautiful city.

Favorite quote?
“There is only one admirable form of imagination: the imagination that is so intense it created a new reality,  that it makes things happen.” – Sean O’Faolain

Favorite board game?
Monopoly. (See Major)


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