What is Discover@Wheaton?

Discover@Wheaton Summer Program is designed to give rising junior and senior high school students a taste of a competitive private liberal arts college experience. During this hands-on program, students will sample the rigors of college academic life by participating in a course taught by college level instructors.

What makes it different?

Wheaton College is an institution known for its close-knit community, small class sizes, and personal approach. Discover@Wheaton follows this model.  Classes are taught by Wheaton’s finest professors, not teaching assistants or graduate students. Thus, students will interact and build relationships with top-notch professors who are experts in their fields of study. Furthermore, this year’s “Innovation and Social Change” course will be taught by none other than Wheaton College President Dennis Hanno!

What do I gain?

Invaluable Connections

The time students spend at Discover@Wheaton will open them up to a world of opportunities! Not only will they connect with other incredible students from around the globe, they’ll also work with world renowned professors in a personal and lasting form. Additionally, students will encouraged to present their projects to the Wheaton faculty and staff.

A Chance to Discover

Mirroring the Wheaton Curriculum, Discover@Wheaton provides a nurturing, yet challenging environment for students to discover their passions, hidden strengths, and amazing opportunities that their futures hold through a dynamic mix of classroom work  and inspiring experiences.


Apply by May 13th. Applications submitted past the deadline will be considered based on course availability.

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Applications will be accepted beginning in early December.  Check back for the link!Request Information

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